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Urban Outdoor Adventures (UOA) is a year-round youth program for children ages 11 - 18 years old who reside in Northern Manhattan and the South Bronx.


The program provides affordable and accessible outdoor recreational activities to underprivileged and underrepresented youth.


The program focuses on teaching independence, leadership, teamwork, and stewardship. Through the variety of different outdoor activities, the youth have access to real hands-on experiences that allows them to build on their hard and soft skills.


Each youth gets 230 hours of Wilderness Exposure each year.

Served more than 200 youth in the past 4 years

1,410 hours of Community Service per year from youth.

90% of our youth graduate from high school



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Recreational Outdoor Activities

Students of all levels of experience have the chance to train for big trips. Participants learn first-hand what it takes to survive for multiple days in the woods. From meal planning and preparation to tent set-up and breakdown, students work together to live in the wilderness.

Team Building

Weekly Social Meetings

Friday night meetings are opportunities for participants to socialize, participate in teambuilding games, plan for upcoming activities, participate in training and learn skills.

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Committed to developing an ethos of service in participants, the youth contributed hundreds of hours of volunteer hours. From meal delivery to park clean-ups, students had the opportunity to make an impact in their community.




Students learn about outdoor ethics that promotes conservation in the outdoors. Our youth become conscious of their environment. 


Nicole, 21

Attending CUNY City Tech, studying towards pharmacy technician, and working part-time.

Fabian, 20

Enlisted in the US Air Force, training to become an engine mechanic, soon will be stationed in Germany.

Arlene, 18

Recently graduated from Beacon High School NY and will attend 

Tufts University to major in Fine Arts. 

Max, 20

Attending CUNY Baruch, majoring in Entrepreneurship Management, building towards his own e-commerce business. 

Ashley, 18

Attending CUNY Guttman and working part-time. 

Franlee, 19

Attending CUNY Bronx Community College, majoring in Art, aspiring to become a cartoonist/animator. 


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